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Hi! Having had a few blogs that explore some of our main work here at Registry Trust, I thought it was about time we introduced ourselves.

My name is Merrill Hopper and I work as the Data Analyst for Registry Trust Ltd. Since coming on board in October 2019, I have been looking at the scope for how our data can contribute and even begin conversations about economic uncertainty and inequality. The role is an exciting one, as it is an opportunity to take data that is underestimated and tell stories through it.

My background is rooted in academia. Having finished my undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester in Politics and Social Anthropology, I moved to London to undertake a Masters in Geopolitics at King’s College London. I had a great time throughout my studies and learnt a lot which I hope to apply to my work at Registry Trust. Evidence for this is already apparent in the sharp increase in the number of maps we produce, as I firmly believe geography is the ideal platform to explore our numbers.

I am really passionate about my role as I believe data and statistics are a gateway to accessing vital information of the state of our lives in relation to the places we inhabit. But this is not always open for all. Therefore, my mission is to promote the accessibility of statistics as well as the transparency. After all, it is all well and good pasting statistics on the side of a bus but if they are untrue or uninformative, their consequences can be dire. The company mantra, ‘Public Data for the Public Good’ is therefore something I avidly believe in. If we can tell stories through the data we hold, in order to contribute and initiate conversations about the social and economic make-up of the country. The more awareness and understanding of our financial realities can only benefit society.

One of my favourite projects that I have undertaken whilst working at Registry Trust is our Financial Stress Tracker. Putting my new Tableau skills to the test, it was fascinating pulling in data from different financial vulnerability indicators to spatially paint a picture of financial stress in the UK. It was also a great opportunity to demonstrate the richness of our own data in demonstrating economic realities on the ground. The second dashboard is fully interactive and allows you to explore in depth what financial realities people are experiencing in different parts of the country (probably starting off with a nosey at your home town!)

But my life isn’t only about data, at least 10% of my time is spent either playing netball or watching Tottenham Hotspur inevitably lose at football. I am also an avid podcast listener, my top three would probably be: Guardian Football Weekly, Ways to Change the World, and Dissect. I also have a cat who has decided he has a keen interest in data since I started working from home.

data cat.jpg

I look forward to bringing you more statistical segments and data dives! If there is anything in particular that you would like to see, please don't hesitate to email me at

For more examples of our data work at Registry Trust, see our stats page and data page!

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