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Week One - Registry 2.0

Day Two - Wednesday 25/03/2020

Well, with what looked like a shaky start to the day, due to a failing internet connection, Registry 2.0 soon got back on track with things starting to fall into place.

With Joe Wicks feeling like a new member of my family, our morning exercise routine is quickly becoming part of our daily regime. The aim to get Noah and I both fitter and slimmer (just talking about me here) is definitely going to plan. Weight lost – 2lbs!

WFH Clair and Noah workout

Today’s testers were various staff closing down their P.C’s- accidentally of course, which led to a few of you (you know who you are) unable to log on. Fortunately, this scenario was able to be resolved as a few vacant desktops were utilised for staff to use. A plan to get P.C’s turned back on is already in place!! Say no more!

We also welcomed our youngest and newest Registry Trust member as Noah quickly got to grips with franking the post!! It was only a matter of time before another Gill/Ransome joined the company.

WFH Noah Franking

With the whole company printing to the printer in our living room, a search for the nearest post box taking franked post is now our newest mission!!

WFH - Lawrence day2

Day Three - Thursday 26/03/2020

Day Three and its beginning to feel like a long week, and I am coming to the conclusion that multi-tasking isn’t my thing!

Teacher tasks today consisted of a work out, bike ride and baking! Not quite how I had planned it but hey, beggars can’t be choosers!

wfh baking day3

Gavin and Lawrence successfully completed their first mission of the day by safely seeing our franked mail off on its way.

Lunchtime saw our first internal post transaction arrive as Lawrence received two envelopes from two members of his team exchanging work in pre-paid envelopes - it’s great when a plan comes together.

wfh - day 3 post

With our fingers crossed, the promise of our first re-directed post-delivery is still in our sights, as they say ‘time will tell’.

Other highlights were, Noah had his first training session in ‘key/verify’ with Lawrence, Gary kept us entertained with our very first quiz, and at 8pm we finished the day by giving our wonderful NHS staff a big round of applause from our front step, a great close to another busy day!

wfh noah key verify

Day Five – Saturday 28/03/20

As we were alerted by the office cleaning service that our post was actually still being delivered to work.

wfh day5 gavin

A trip to the office was scheduled to retrieve what we thought would be multiple sacks turned out to be 3 inches worth of envelopes.

wfh day5 lawrence

Not what we expected but still worth the visit.

Day Seven – Monday 30/03/20

Registry 2.0 – Working from home - one week in…

Re -opening our home from home office after the weekend break is beginning to feel like the new ‘normal’ in what now feels like a family run business!

With no post arriving today and Operations working on post collected from the office, dreams of large grey sacks arriving on our doorstep is our new shared vision!!

On the home front, without intention, the use of our house has separated itself into the ‘tale of two halves’ as school room/fitness studio/Sales & Marketing take up the ‘front’ and with Operations functioning from the ‘back’, working in isolation has taken on an whole new meaning!

wfh day6 noah

On the plus side, new work processes are becoming much more streamlined as the method of scanning post to create files for staff to access is a proving to be a huge success, even in the event of the odd file mysteriously vanishing and turning up somewhere else!!

wfh day 6

Exercise regime has stepped up a notch, as Karate has now been added to my repertoire, as Noah and I can now link to his classes via Zoom! My body is definitely benefiting from this truly surreal movie like scenario.

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