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I’ve always been an advocate for change.

I’m Nina, I have now worked at Registry Trust for 5 years in the Admin Team.

2019 saw some pretty big changes around here. Lex Jones became CEO and Mick McAteer became our Chairman. Their combined experience brought a fresh change of focus, drawing attention to how we already use our data as well new ways for it to promote responsible lending and borrowing and to influence economic decisions.

The change that directly affected me the most however, was the introduction of the Sabbatical policy. I was the first employee to embrace the opportunity and as soon as I was able, I booked flights to an area I’d been longing to explore for years: Latin America.

It's tough to explain how life changing it is to embark on solo world travel. One week you’re hiking for five intense hours up 1,300 meters of sand and dust to reach the base camp of Acetenango Volcano (which would subsequently result in losing both big toe nails) to witness perpetual explosions of molten lava…

nina image 1.jpg

nina image 2.jpg

nina image 3.jpg

...The next, you find yourself using howler monkeys* as your alarm clock while volunteering in a school for indigenous kids in the jungle of the Reserva Protectoral De Manantiales Cerro San Gil, Guatemala, collecting hugs (those were the days) and attempting to learn the words (in Spanish) to songs that celebrate Posada in the run up to Christmas.

*to give you an idea of how this sounds, they used recordings of howler monkeys for the ‘voice’ of the T-Rex in Jurassic Park

nina image 4.jpg

Fast forward to March 2020, what did I come back to?

Well, other than the obvious rather apocalyptic state of affairs in the UK's epicentre of a global pandemic that has forced the whole company to work remotely, there’s also been a number of in house changes. There are new staff, a new website, a new communications team and I have started in a new role of HR & Compliance Officer.

Luckily, it seems that in many ways my Sabbatical was the perfect training for all of this. Not only am I well acquainted with the art of regularly applying hand sanitiser and using video calls to talk to my friends and family, the opportunity also gave me some newly honed skills in adaptability, communication, patience, perseverance and self-discipline.

So what now?

Covid-19 has already made substantial changes to the future of, well, everything and will undoubtedly have lasting and damaging effects on the ability to travel, the economy, and the already vulnerable.

At Registry Trust, we are continuing to provide our usual services, and are working well remotely. We’re using Slack to chat to each other, for both business and social updates. It’s really brought us together. But I must say, I am definitely looking forward to being reunited with the team after eight months.

I feel very grateful and fortunate for firstly, having the opportunity to take a Sabbatical and secondly, to come back to a job in all this uncertainty, especially to work for a company that not only care about the public good, but above all, cares about its staff.

As I said earlier, I’ve always been an advocate for change… so bring it on!

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