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In the run up to Christmas we took a look at the types of calls our Customer Services Department had been receiving to get to know more about our customers. Through understanding the types of calls we receive we would have a better understanding of how to assist people.

Who calls Registry Trust?

Over 75% of our calls were from defendants, with only 15% being from Claimants or Third Parties.

Reason for Call

The reasons for why people called varied widely, although the top three reasons were:

  • To provide proof of payment (14% - we only accept proof of payment for Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic Of Ireland, Jersey and Isle of Man, and it must be sent into us via letter)
  • Claimant details (17%- we do not hold claimant details, this can only be obtained from the courts)
  • To satisfy or remove a judgment (20%-interestingly, only 18% of judgments on the register have been satisfied or removed)

But others included:

  • Information enquires
  • Bankruptcy
  • To highlight an inconsistency on their Credit Report
  • To perform a TrustOnline search
  • Enquires about Writs and Tribunals
  • Judgment enquires
  • To find out how to set up a payment plan
  • Non-registered judgments
  • Employment driven calls.


Demographically, there were slightly more male callers in November than female callers.

When looking into the average amount for each group, male callers were more likely to be enquiring over higher value judgments, the average being £4,161. For females the average was £2,468.

The majority of calls came from those aged 26 to 45 years old.

The average amount for judgment increases at an average rate of 145% until the 55 to 65 year old age group, where the value drops by 62% and continues through the 65+ year old group.

Reason for call by gender varies greatly, but just under half of all female callers were ringing to either obtain claimant details or satisfy a judgment. Male callers were also regularly calling for these reasons but were just as likely calling to provide proof of payment.

Geographical Spread

The highest concentration of calls came from Greater London, followed by Scotland, then the North West of England and Northern Ireland.

The North East of England, West Midlands, East Anglia and the South West saw between 10 and 20 calls over the month, whilst all other regions had less than 10 calls a piece.

November Customer Service Report.pdf