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Quarter 3 2019 Statistics


During the quarter we processed 417,798 judgments, total value for judgments processed during this period equalled £759,041,912 and the median amount was £666.

Consumers accounted for the majority of transactions (88%), with commercial judgments only totalling 12%. 97% of all judgments this quarter were fro the England and Wales jurisdiction. Of the rest, 60% came from Scotland, 25% from Northern Ireland and 9% from the Republic of Ireland. Jersey and the Isle of Man equally represented the other 6%.

The majority of judgments were between the £100 to £500 (40%), whilst judgments for over £1000 accounted for 33%, leave the rest 26% to fall in the £500 to £1000 category.

Satisfactions this quarter accounted fo 13% of all transactions processed, totalling 53,223.

England and Wales

A total of 289,971 County Court judgments (CCJs) were registered against consumers in England and Wales this quarter. Claimants are taking out larger judgments in increasingly greater numbers with the total value of consumer CCJs increasing to £419.5million, a rise of 14 percent from last year’s figures; at the same time the average value increased by 8 percent to £1,447 compared to £1,336 in Q3 2018.

There was a 15 percent rise in the number of county court judgments (CCJs) registered against businesses. With the total value of the 37,585 CCJs hitting £106.1million, the third quarter of 2019 saw a rise of six percent on last year’s figures. This was largely due to a 22 percent rise in the number of CCJs against corporate businesses. The increase to 29,571 records was followed by the total value increasing by 7 percent to £82.5million. The average value of a business CCJ in Q3 2019 fell to £2,824, eight percent lower than Q3 2018, while the average value of a CCJ against corporate companies decreased by 12 percent to £2,790. The total number of CCJs against non-corporate businesses at 8,014, was down four percent from 2018’s 8,382, however with claimants taking out higher value judgments against non-corporate businesses, the average value rose by seven percent to £2,950.


Overall, the total value of decrees against Scottish businesses of all types rose to £3.6million in Q3 2019, an increase of 24 percent over the year. However, the number of judgments rose by only 7 percent from the previous year’s figures.

In contrast, the number of consumer decrees fell by 14 percent compared to last year’s Q3. A decrease in the number and value of consumer decrees suggests better management of debt by consumers in Scotland. There were 4,859 debt decrees registered against consumers in the third quarter, with a 14 percent decrease bringing the total value to £13.2million. The average value of consumer decrees also fell to £2,715, rising a mere 0.67 percent compared to the same period of 2018.

Northern Ireland

There were 2,222 small claims judgments in Q3 2019, 30 percent more than in the previous year’s third quarter. Much of this increase is driven by a large rise in smaller value judgments. The total value of judgments rose by only 5 percent to £4.1million, with the average value falling by 20 percent to £1,852. High Court judgments numbers rose 82 percent, with a total of 20 High Court judgments registered this quarter, amounting to £1.3 million. A rise of just over £300,000 in the total value of judgments in all courts in Northern Ireland saw figures reaching £5.4m compared with £5.1m in Q3 2018.

Republic of Ireland

Court judgments against Irish consumers for outstanding debts have risen by 26 percent to the highest level for three years, figures released today by registrar Irish Judgments show. A total of 678 consumer judgments and 192 business judgments were registered in Q3 2019, an increase of 26 and 40 percent respectively from Q3 2018 figures. This suggests that creditors are increasingly requesting their judgments be recorded. The total value of consumer debt rose 12 percent to €56.8million which means that consumers owed 92 percent of registered judgment debt in Ireland this quarter. In contrast, the total value of registered business judgments still is just under €5million, and makes up only eight per cent of registered judgment debt in Ireland.


There were 58 business judgments registered this quarter, 21 more than in Q3 2018, but despite the rise in number, the total and average values dropped dramatically with Jersey plaintiffs taking out a greater number of judgments in the £501- £1500 range. Jersey business judgments saw their average value falling 67 percent to £6,807, while the total value saw a 48 percent drop, from £759,116 in Q3 2018 to £394,779 in Q3 2019. In both the consumer and business sectors, the number of judgments rose while the average judgment value fell. The total value of consumer judgments dropped 34 percent to £1,104,085, this quarter, compared to the third quarter of 2018, with the average value dropping to £4,452 a decrease of 36 percent.

Download the Quarter 3 Statistics Book here.

Q3 2019 Stats Book.pdf