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Quarter 4 2019 Statistics


During the quarter we processed 375,800 judgments. Total value for judgment processed during this periods equalled £832,174,196 and the median amount as £793.

Consumers accounted for the majority of transactions (91%), with commercial judgments only totalling 9%. 97% of all judgments this quarter were from the England and Wales jurisdiction. Proportioning out the rest, 64% came from Scotland, 22% from Northern Ireland and 9% from the Republic of Ireland. Jersey accounted for 4% and the Isle of Man represented the other 2%.

The majority of judgments were between the £100 to £500 (33%), whilst judgments for over £2000 accounted for 21%, leave the rest (45%) to fall in the £500 to £2000 category.

Satisfactions this quarter accounted fo 14% of all transactions processed, totalling 51,918.

England and Wales

The total value of consumer judgments hit £458,291,002 in Q4 2019. The average value saw a similar increase of 16 percent in Q4 2019 reaching £1,705 from Q4 2018’s £1,469. The median value also increased 37 percent from £579 to £792. As the number of judgments increased by less than one percent in the same period, this suggests a larger number of higher value judgments being taken out against consumers. In the High Court, judgments fell six percent despite the total value increasing 251 percent from £13,423,650 in Q4 2018 to £47,120,348 in Q4 2019.

The total number of judgments against all businesses decreased from 29,303 in Q4 2018 to 23,418 in Q4 2019, and was accompanied by a 21 percent drop in the total value of judgments from £117,546,664 in Q4 2018, to £92,311,503 in Q4 2019. The fall in business CCJs largely affected incorporated businesses[1]. The numbers fell by 27 percent, from 21,373 in Q4 2018 to 15,626 in Q4 2019. Judgments against incorporated businesses account for 67 percent of all business judgment numbers and 74 percent of their total value. Despite large decreases in number and total value, the average value fell by just 2 percent and median value actually rose by 40 percent, with smaller judgments down 10% and larger judgments up 10% compared to Q4 2018.


The number of consumer decrees fell from 5,504 in Q4 2018 to 4,984 in Q4 2019, while the total value fell by six percent from £13,650,093 to £12,866,883 in the same period. This meant that the average value saw a small rise of 4.1% from £2,480 to £2,582. The median value also rose by over nine percent from £1,333 to £1,453. Decrees against all types of Scottish businesses rose significantly in the final quarter of 2019. The number and value both rose by 18 percent rise due to an increase in smaller value decrees against businesses. There was a significant rise in the number of decrees for amounts valued at between £100-1,500; decrees for amounts between £100-500 saw a big increase of 75 percent. This was reflected in the 41 percent fall in the median value from £1,813 in Q4 2018 to £1,068 in Q4 2019.

Northern Ireland

1,732 judgments were taken out against consumers compared to 1,494 in Q4 2018. The average value rose by 7 percent pushing up the total value by 24 percent to £4,524,308, the largest year-on-year rise on record. In Q4 2019, consumer judgments made up 88 percent of all Northern Ireland Judgments and accounted for 90 percent of the total value. Northern Ireland businesses overall fared better in this quarter. The number of judgments rose 5 percent but the total value dropped 21 percent in total value and 25 percent in average value compared to the same quarter of 2018.

Republic of Ireland

Consumer judgment numbers rose from 516 in Q4 2018 to 618 Q4 2019, while the total value grew by 31 percent from €47,606,712 in Q4 2018 to €62,393,251. The average and median values saw increases of nine and ten percent respectively suggesting larger judgments were being registered against consumers compared to the same quarter in 2018. Judgments against all types of businesses, particularly small businesses, saw even larger increases than consumer judgments. Small business judgments increased 66 percent compared to 46 percent registered against all types of Irish businesses.


The total value of consumer judgments fell from £1,135,580 in Q4 2018 to £605,646 in Q4 2019. The average value of a Jersey consumer judgment was £4,100 in Q4 2018, compared to just £2,110 in Q4 2019, a decrease of 49 percent. The median value fell 50 percent from £728 in Q4 2018 to only £365 in Q4 2019. While there was a small increase in the total numbers of judgments against individuals, the falls in total, average and median values suggests that lower value judgments are being taken out against Jersey consumers. Judgments in the £500-3000 range fell sharply but judgments for less than £500 saw a large growth.